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We develop solutions for intelligent management of industry assets by use of low-cost sensors and advanced technology to discern patterns.


  • May 2019: Keynote Address at the Utility Analytics Summit, Charlotte, NC, May 6-8. 

  • July 2018: Opening Address on "Integration Considerations for the 21st Century Grid", at Energypath 2018.

  • February 2018: Dr. Shankar on WFMZ on the impact of lower corporate tax rates on customer utility bill.

  • February 2018: Keynote address to Energy Service Providers in PA on the Future Energy Workforce.

  • June 2016: What a Great Time to Be in Energy!- Keynote at 59th Annual ISA POWID.



Signatech Systems has provided technology solutions for the energy industry for over a decade. Our core values center on excellence, accountability,  and integrity.

"Successful solutions are benchmarked, have success metrics that are tracked, and don't require a 'Ph.D' to execute" 



Cheap, Clean Electricity: Can We Have it All?


Embracing Disruption: A Leadership Role for Utilities

Wireless Sensor Technology for IoT 


Fleet-Wide Asset Management


Alternative & Renewable Energy

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Our clients are across the globe. Their energy needs vary, from providing reliable energy in the face of persistent electricity shortages to providing technology solutions to meet reduced/aging workforce, lower operational costs and high reliability. 


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