Our clients are electric utilities, research organizations, and vendor companies. They are responsible for a significant set of the world's generation and transmission and distribution technologies. We measure our success in how relevant our solution is to the client. Our greatest satisfaction is working with people and helping technology improve their quality of life.

U.S. Department of Energy


In a project with the U.S. Department of Energy's Fossil Fuel Division, Signatech Systems was contracted to develop specifications fleetwide monitoring for a large Asian utility with over 40 GW capacity consisting of fossil and hydrobased assets. They were located across disparate regions of the country, including the tropical south, the arid west and colder parts in the north. The principal's experience in working with global utilities in implementation of fleetwide monitoring was utilized. Improvement in safetyin which improvements in operations and maintenance practices quickly resulted.  The principal discussed the needs and objectives with several utility technical staff, especially two critical plants, and developed a questionnaire for plant personnel to be able to prioritize equipment as well judge the overall capabilities to effect change. The author visited two major  facilities and reviewed needs for fleetwide monitoring. The plant staff apprised the author of capabilities at the plant including recently installed data historian and trending capabilities. A 2-day workshop was conducted in the nation's capital with senior staff and plant managers in attendance where the requirements were spelled out and information was exchanged on the needs across the enterprise.


The US Department of Energy awarded Signatech Systems an incentive bonus for the "superior" and "timely" work in the execution of the effort. The utility Managing Director praised Signatech Systems efforts and remarked that "without  Signatech Systems' help, the utility could not have accomplished this.."

International Atomic Energy Agency


Signatech Systems was selected to lead an international team consisting of engineers and researchers from Canada, Egypt, France, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States to develop application guidelines for wireless sensor network technology to improve operations and maintenance performance of nuclear plants and assure safe operation. As the leading authority for the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, the IAEA's value to member countries is immense since these guidelines are required to be robust and well documented so that it can be applied reliably for different international utilities under varying scenarios. In selecting Signatech Systems, the IAEA entrusted the company with assuring the 3-year project success.




As the pioneer in the implementation of fleet-wide monitoring of their generation assets using predictive analytics, Luminant charged SIgnatech Systems to provide oversight and guidance in the selection of sensor points, processing techniques, and results representation. It established the Power Optimization Center (POC) in Dallas, TX, with sensor signals transmitted from in real time from various locations around the state of Texas and since then from its global fleet.


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