Intelligent Asset Management



Power generation and delivery assets represent enormous capital and ongoing investments; non-operation and failure of key equipment could lead to safety risks as well as significant loss in revenue due to non-availability of assets. And in this digital economy increasingly dependent on instant access to technical and financial information, downtimes translate to loss of productivity and revenue. Aging assets put a premium in assuring that electric power is available when needed.



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Training & Workshops


With  experience in conducting workshops and training sessions around the globe in the US, Europe, Asia on instrument calibration reduction, on-line monitoring, use of wireless sensors for accurate diagnostics and prognostics, Signatech Systems is capable of providing focused 1- or multiple day workshops on needs and requirements to fulfill regulatory requirements and/or meet O&M performance/financial goals. The workshop contents are based on implementation at utilities and will include lessons learned. Some sample workshops and training offered:


1. Wireless Technology for Asset Monitoring

2. Grid Modernization

3. Plant Maintenance Strategies

4. ISA 67.04 Requirements for Instrument Set Point Analysis



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Instrument Calibration 



Proper instrument calibration and an optimized maintenance strategy ensure that O&M costs are kept low while assuring maximum availability. tell a story and let your users know a little more about you. Signatech Systems can provide training courses for data analysis of as-found-as-left (AFAL) safety related instrumentation as well as setpoint limits under ISA 67.01.



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Equipment Health Monitoring

Modern data analysis to determine equiment health depend on advanced pattern recognition (APR) methods that are able to distinguish normal- from abnormal process/equipment behavior. Signatech Systems will provide a summary of modern tools, their usage in the industry as well as best practices and lessons learned



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